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We of the Never Never by Jeannie Gunn

We of the Never Never by Jeannie Gunn

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We of the Never Never is a snapshot of Australian history, from a time when cattle stations were as big as countries, when remote living meant weeks of travel from the big smoke, and news of the outside world came with the mail deliveries once a month.

In 1902, Jeannie Gunn accompanied her husband, Aeneas Gunn, to his Roper River cattle station.

She stayed only a year, but the experience changed her so profoundly that on her return she sat down to write of her experiences.

Peopled with unforgettable characters such as Dandy, Mac, Jackaroo and Goggle Eye, as well as the missus herself, We of the Never Never is a classic Australian story. Her observations about the interactions of station owners, bush workers, and local Indigenous people, are still relevant today.

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