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Season of the River by Chris Muir

Season of the River by Chris Muir

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ISBN: 9780645351170

285 page paperback

When would-be diamond miner, Andrew Burns, disappears with Lizzy Lawson’s life savings, she’s determined to track him down. With the help of local man, Henry Morgan, she locates Burns at his clapped-out mine in Western Australia’s Kimberley, but it looks like he has been murdered. Lizzy has motive and opportunity, so the police lay charges.

For Lizzy to prove her innocence, she must navigate a dark web of outback betrayal, littered with fake diamonds, real diamonds and odd characters who aren’t always who they seem to be. Along the way, with the help of Henry’s mother, Rosie, Lizzy becomes a student of the Dreamtime, encountering hangovers from a dark past of white occupation and the establishment of one of the world’s largest diamond mines.

Most of all, in her Season of the River, Lizzy will find out who she really is, and the person she wants to be.


About the author:

Chris Muir worked in advertising for many years and has travelled widely. His adventurous spirit has seen him trekking the Kokoda Track, being kidnapped by orang-utans in Borneo, driving herds of brumbies across the Australian Alps, living with the Masai in Tanzania, spending months on end in the Congo (the setting for his first novel, A Savage Garden), living with gorillas on the top of mountains and climbing Mount Kilimanjaro. He has seen the worst of humanity in the prelude to the Rwandan genocide, canoed down the Zambezi River, hot air ballooned across the Serengeti, sailed a dhow across Lake Victoria and lived in New York, London, and Singapore.

These days he writes full time. Season of the River is his second novel and he’s working on three more.



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