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Red Jack and the Ragged Thirteen by Greg Barron

Red Jack and the Ragged Thirteen by Greg Barron

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Australia in the 1880s. A new breed of settler was pushing out into the frontier, into the last bastions of the Aboriginal nations. Horsemen, prospectors and speculators, riding a new, independent spirit, forged in the Eureka Stockade, and hardened through a tough, physical life. This is the story of Red Jack and Ragged Thirteen, researched and written by Australian author Greg Barron.

Paperback 290 pages

ISBN: 978-0-6480627-7-6

They called her Red Jack, for her hair was as bright as an outback sunset, hanging to her waist from beneath a stained cattleman’s hat. On her jet-black stallion, Mephistopheles, she roved the north in the 1880s and 90s. Where did she come from, and where did she go? No one knows for sure, but the mystery lives on.

The Ragged Thirteen were a band of thirteen larrikins who put their stamp on Australian folklore with their devil-may-care journey across the wild Northern Australian frontier. They were not bushrangers, but were certainly inclined to bend the law. This fictional account is based on the recollections of settlers and pioneers, but is, most of all, a yarn in the best traditions of the word.

"Of all the pioneering Australians I’ve researched, I like Tom Nugent, the ‘captain’ of the Ragged Thirteen the most. He had his own code, and it wasn’t the same as ours, but he was loyal, wise, funny and strong. He was a better man than most of those who looked down on him and the wild, special life he led." Greg Barron, Author



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