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Fishing from Sydney to Brisbane by Steve Flockton (Paperback)

Fishing from Sydney to Brisbane by Steve Flockton (Paperback)

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Have you ever wanted to learn from one of those anglers who catch fish, time and again, even when others are coming back empty handed? This book is the culmination of a lifetime’s passion for fishing, the result of over fifty years of experience from a passionate angler who had to learn his skills the hard way. The writing style is easy to follow and very down to earth, full of no-nonsense information.

The coastline from Sydney to Brisbane has a variety of fishing options available and all the styles discussed have been used successfully by the author for decades. If you want to learn new and exciting styles of fishing that work then this book is a must.


Bass on Lures
Artificials in the Estuary
Offshore without a Boat
Kids’ Fishing
Land Based Game Fishing
Northern Bluefin
Offshore Options
Targeting Big Fish
The Mighty Mulloway

204 pages. FULL COLOUR. 100 + photos and diagrams.

Trade Paperback. ISBN: 9780648062769

$3.90 postage anywhere in Australia

From the publisher:

The first time I went fishing with Steve Flockton, about fifteen years ago, he turned up at the beach in work boots and his volunteer fire service jacket, carrying three rods and a mysterious white bucket with depths that I’ve never been invited to explore. We launched the boat and headed out to a series of reefs in 35m of water.

I knew that Steve was a fishing writer, with articles in almost every issue of Trailerboat Fisherman magazine, and that he had caught everything from marlin to giant Spanish mackerel. I just didn’t know what to expect, with his quiet manner and no-nonsense gear.

Steve then proceeded to give me a fishing lesson I’ll never forget. Working three rods with small eggbeater reels he proceeded to out-fish me by about three to one. Snapper and pearl perch started piling up in the fish box, and even when things were quiet he never relaxed, delving into the white bucket for smaller or larger sinkers, sharpening hook points, re-rigging and trying new baits. I noticed that he took a lot of care with bait presentation, and that he never wasted a minute. What I noticed most, however, was his uncanny ability to turn bites into hook-ups and hook-ups into captures.

Over the last fifteen years I fished with Steve hundreds of times, often every weekend. I learned a lot, and together we’ve caught a stack of fish. Sometimes I even catch more than him, but that was pretty rare.

Now that he has passed away, I'm so glad that we got this book done. I reckon that just about any fisherman, no matter how advanced, will get something out of it. It's the product of almost half a century of fishing mania and hard-won information. It’s part fishing memoir, part techniques and rigs, but it’s very much a product of the man. He was a quiet Aussie bloke who loved his fishing and enjoyed sharing his passion. There are hundreds of colour photos and all up you’ll find it a great gift or a way to while away those non-fishing hours.

NB: Steve's share of book sales now goes to his wife, Peggy

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