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Curlew Legacy by Don Douglas

Curlew Legacy by Don Douglas

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280 page Paperback

ISBN: 978-0-6459925-1-9

Early in the twentieth century Kalgoorlie gold miner Ben McDonald forms a mining partnership with his London based brother Henry.

Henry is also involved in military intelligence, as is his son Ben Abdul. During WWII they recruit Ben’s son Eric into that work. Eric already has a string of Top End cattle stations funded by diamond sales from the Ord River and he later registers exploration leases over that area. At war’s end those three form a company, Curlew Investments.

All those men have since died and Curlew Investments has swallowed the mining company and mushroomed into a global company with offices in Kalgoorlie, London, Hong Kong and Darwin. Eric’s daughter Eliza is chair of the company and runs the Darwin office. Her cousin Charlie is also a director and runs the Kalgoorlie office as well as the mines. Ben Abdul’s widow Lyndall runs the London office as well as taking over Ben Abdul’s directorship until their son Angus reaches twenty-one and inherits.

Eliza’s daughter Sarah is passionate about exploring their diamond leases and shares a mutual love with her cousin Angus. But when that love becomes an affair Lyndall reacts vehemently calling it incest. Her irrational behaviour causes the other directors to fear it will destroy the company.

Sarah and Angus tread separate, fraught paths and much intrigue before the dramatic ending soon after the 9/11 terrorist attacks in New York.



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