The Copper Crossing Mystery by Don Douglas

The Copper Crossing Mystery by Don Douglas

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ISBN: 978-0-6453511-1-8
Format: 213 page paperback

About the book:

The once booming outback mining town of Copper Crossing is now only a dot on the map. It’s where legends flourish but little occurs.

Local road-train boss Casey Meadows catches the eye of police sergeant Milford Corbett whose wife Sandra has disappeared, but she has her mind on SAS soldier Adam Beaumont.

A windfall inheritance puts Casey and Adam perilously at odds with a mystery consortium after Milford’s apparent death, and a generations-old feud surfaces as they strive to achieve the last wishes of Adam’s grandfather.

Lives are endangered and lost during the quest for redemption in which only one side can triumph.

About the Author:

Australian author Don Douglas lived the life he writes about – he worked as a ringer, head stockman, manager, plant operator and owner of stations across Queensland. He grew up on a remote cattle station at Morven in the south-west of the state.

Don learned to ride young – at two years old his mother would carry him on a cushion on the pommel of her saddle. An Aboriginal ringer (who was an ex-Light Horse Trooper) taught him to track and to use an axe and adze when he was 5 or 6. A year or two later he was driving a D2 crawler, building dams with his father.

An avid reader all his life, Don started writing stories of the Australian bush and his Curlew series were published by Boolarong Press. Don lives with his wife, Gillian, in Ayr, Queensland.

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