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Will Jones and the Blue Dog by Greg Barron

Will Jones and the Blue Dog by Greg Barron

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Length: 210 pages
ISBN: 978-0-6453511-8-7

While running from the law across the New South Wales border, Will Jones and his crew join forces to stop a runaway wagon, saving the life of the terrified driver. On board, inside a tea chest, is a precious cargo – a new breed of pups that will one day become known as Queensland blue heelers. The smallest of the pups appears to be injured beyond repair. Can he be saved? The owner doesn’t think so.

Pursued by a dogged but flawed police sergeant, Will continues the journey north, following river tracks with Lainey, Fat Sam and Gamilaroi Jim. On the goldfields of North Queensland they receive an offer too good to refuse. This leads them to a new field, where nothing is quite as it seems. Will Jones needs all his wits to escape the trap set for him, though it’s the loyalty of his mates that saves the day.

Will Jones and the Blue Dog is the second book in the series, following on from Will Jones and the Dead Man’s Letter, set across the colourful and wild landscape of 1880s Australia.

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